What is a compatible screen and alternate models?

Laptop manufacturers are actually assembling machines made from parts that are from 3rd parties. For example, they will buy laptop screens from BOE, Samsung, Chimei, and AUO. Components will change and screen models will also change over the lifetime of a laptop model's manufacture. So it is not necessary for the new screen to be of the same brand as the original.

The LCD display manufacturers will update and improve their panels, that's why the screen have a different version number.

For example:
AUO's B173RW01:
B173RW01 V.0
B173RW01 V.1
B173RW01 V.2
B173RW01 V.3
B173RW01 V.4
B173RW01 V.5

Chimei's N125HCE-GN1:

BOE's NV133FHM-N43:
NV133FHM-N43 V8.1
NV133FHM-N43 V8.2
NV133FHM-N43 V8.3

QDI's QD15AL02:
QD15AL02 REV.01
QD15AL02 REV.02
QD15AL02 REV.03
QD15AL02 REV.04
QD15AL02 REV.05

In most cases, all these versions will be compatible.

Compatible screens or alternate models
Sometimes, some screen model was out of stock or has been discontinued long time ago, We can't find the exact screen model, So we will send compatible screen or alternate model which is fully compatible on all parameters with the screen you ordered. such as LQ156M1JW25 and LQ156M1JW09, LM156LF1F-02 and LM156LF2F-01, or LP156WF7(SP)(P2) and NT156FHM-T00.

In most cases, we ship the exact screen models, unless the exact screen was out of stock.
If you need an exact model screen, please email us your requirement after you placed an order.

Is the compatible screen as good as the original?
Every screen produced will differ slightly from the other, even from the same manufacturer. From different brands there can be subtle differences. The type of glass used and the electronics on the back of the screen that decode the colours can produce slightly different effects - CHI MEI for example use a "green" glass which produces nice contrast ratios and blacks.

If we send compatible screen, the compatible screen based on the key parameters such as size, refresh rate, resolution and connectors being identical with the parameters of the original screen. The screen quality remains the same but the placement might not be as perfect as a new laptop.

We always advised to only take your laptop for repair at accredited after-sales centre where you can get quality spare parts for replacement. Apart from the screen, there are other sensitive parts of the phone that you might want to replace, and it is advisable to always go to outlets where you can get genuine products.