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What We Do ...

Find The Replacement Laptop Screens You Need to Repair Your Laptop. Search By Laptop Model, Or Screen Model Number And Find The Parts You Need Fast.

LPScreen is your trusted source for laptop/notebook screens, and accessories. Our warehouse has more than 10,000 screen part numbers.

Today, LPScreen online store continues to serve laptop screen repair service professionals and do-it-yourselfers with quality parts and supplies.

Fixing things just makes sense. Why replace an expensive Laptop or piece of Tablet when an inexpensive LCD screen can have it running like new again? We strive to fulfill this mission by providing more parts for more products, simplifying the parts ordering experience, publishing free repair advice from knowledgeable experts, and supporting our customers through the entire repair process.

Upgrade your laptop screen ...

If your laptop screen is 30 pins and 14 inch or 15.6 inch, Good News!, you can indeed swap lcd panel and you can do it cheaply.

You just check with the manufacturer and resolutions were offered with your particular model. Many screens from 1366 to a Full 1080P without any issue whatsoever. LCDs are generic per size and can be found in dozens of different models and manufacturers using the same part number. And assure that the ribbon connector is in the same location. If you are not sure, please contact us anytime.

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