How to get the exact laptop screen model number?

Identify your Laptop Screen Model Number

There are several ways to determine the exact model number of your laptop screen:

1. Check the manufacturer's website: Most laptop manufacturers have a support section on their website where you can enter your laptop's model number and find information about its components, including the screen.

2. Check the laptop's manual or documentation: The model number of the screen may be listed in the manual or other documentation that came with the laptop.

3. Use the System Information tool: On Windows, you can use the System Information tool to find information about your laptop, including the model number of the screen. To access this tool, press the Windows key + X and select "System" from the menu. Look for "Display" in the list of hardware components.

4. Use software tools: There are also software tools that can provide information about the components of your laptop, including the screen. One such tool is the free software called "Speccy".

5. Look at the bezel or backside of the screen: In some cases, the model number of the screen may be printed on a label on the backside of the screen, which is the frame around the display. You can see one or several labels with numbers. 99% of the screens on the market today have the manufacturer's code and screen size included in the model number. For example, screen model number B101AW06 means that the screen is manufactured by AU Optronics and this screen's diagonal size is 10.1".

Below is a list of the most common laptop LCD screen manufacturers with their abbreviations:

AU Optronics - B
Examples of model: B133HAK01.1, B140HAK02.0, B140ZAN01.2, B154PW01V.1

BOE Hydis - HB
Examples of model: HB133WX1-301, HB140WX1-300, HB140WX1-500, HB156WX1-600

Chi Mei / Innolux - N
Examples of model: N133HCG-GF3, N133I1-L03, N140A1-L01, N140HCG-GR2

Chunghwa - CLAA
Examples of model: CLAA080UA01, CLAA080WQ04, CLAA141XG01, CLAA150PB01

HannStar - HSD
Examples of model: HSD101PFW8, HSD141PX11, HSD150PX1A, HSD154PG11-A

Examples of model: M133NWR9R1, M140NWT1R0, M141NWW1-001, M156NWR1R0

LG Display - LP
Examples of model: LP121X04(C2), LP133X7(C2)(CC), LP139UD1(SP)(A1), LP140GH1(SP)(A2)

Samsung - LTN
Examples of model: LTN125HL07-301, LTN133AT02, LTN141XU-L02, LTN145AT01

Sharp - LQ or LM
Examples of model: LQ140Z1JW01, LQ141F1LH02, LQ154M1LW2X, LQ156D1JW02

Toshiba - LTM or LTD
Examples of model: LTD121LC0S, LTD131EQ2A, LTM15C503C, LTM184HL01

Examples of model: MND307DA1-8, MNE001EA1-1, MNF601EA1-5, MNG007DA1-1

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the right number or to recognize it. Please submit picture of the back of your original screen for our review following these guidelines:
1. Full shot of the back of the screen
2. Focus on labels or printed numbers
LAPTOP Screen model number

How to buy the right laptop screen?

Once you got the exact laptop screen model number, you just search screen model number on our site, after then, you will get the screen you need.

Note that the laptop screen model number may not always be the same as the overall laptop model number, as different laptop models can use different screens.